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Air Conditioning Servicing

Our new environmental friendly system can clearly and safely revitalise your air conditioning. Equipped with the latest air con repair/refurb equipment we are able to breathe new life into your car’s air con.

Air Conditioning Service Kent


Vital for comfortable motoring in summer, as vital in winter for de-misting but over time, all air conditioning systems lose their effectiveness. Hoses, filters, compressors / condensers** can all work less efficiently over the years than they did when new. Dealerships can charge 100s of ££s to replace / repair regardless of what’s actually needed.

Our mechanics are fully trained and licensed to spot which component has failed, needs servicing or whether the liquid / gasses** just need replacing. With state-of-the-art equipment on board our fully equipped vehicles we can now service most car air conditioning systems wherever you are, without you having to travel to have it repaired. All this means we could save you money and get your air con working like new.


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Timing belts, tyres, windows, batteries, clutches, exhausts, services and MOTs. We also welcome fleet vehicles!

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